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Radical Orientations Training

Radical Orientations Training

This training is mandatory for the Sandwich Share and Care program, the Winter Nights Program, support for ushering, and volunteering in general at MDUUC. 

Radical Orientations is an impactful in-person training and is accessible by Zoom (link can be found on the calendar). This gathering will explore orientations of radical respect in all our encounters, ranging from caring in our volunteerism and service to listening in our friendships and family. We explore what our values and the wisdom of lived-experience tell us about how to deepen our respect, sustainable care, and listening. We'll delve into the meaning of respecting every individual's worth and dignity, cultivating healing spaces through deep listening, and maintaining healthy boundaries for self and others. Whether a long-time member or new to UU, this training offers space to deepen your understanding and enhance community service. Let's build a more just, loving world together.

While we highly recommend attending the training in person, we recognize that scheduling conflicts shouldn't dampen your enthusiasm for volunteering. If you intend to undertake the Radical Orientations at your convenience, kindly notify Rev. Rodney Lemery and/or the organizer.

How To Complete The Training From Home

Step 1 - Watch This Training Video

You will need about 1.5 hours to complete this training.  Please watch the video below and ensure that you send any and all questions to Rev. Rodney (


Step 2 - Read The COVID Guidance Document

Please review the COVID guidance document that is available for download and ensure that you send any and all questions to Rev. Rodney (

Step 3 (if applicable) - Food handling training

ServSafe Food Handling Program

If you are interested in signing up as a LEAD, you will need to be certified in California's Serve Safe food handling program.  You can join the ~3-5 hour self-paced, online training program at the following link:

While this certification costs, MDUUC will cover the certification fee for you.  Please contact Rev. Rodney if that is something in which you wish to take part!

NOTE: This is NOT required for non-lead meal preparation volunteers. Our policy is to have the LEAD be certified in these standards of food handling for everyone's safety.

Final step - submit your attestment

Once you have reviewed the video above and the COVID guidelines, please use the button to complete the training documentation.