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Living Our Values

At Mt. Diablo UU Church we strive to bring to life our Unitarian Universalist values as we seek truth and work for justice and bridge the divisions that wound the human family. This is a place to learn a little about what is happening in our world and find quick ways you can take action. If you have suggestions, email to



Please take a moment to phone and/or email the Contra Costa District Attorney and ask her to help protect the lives of those incarcerated and those caring for them.

Sample Script 

Hello DA Becton my name is (NAME). I am a resident of Contra Costa County and in contacting your office to urge you to enact some of the guidelines that you put forth in a letter signed back in March. In that letter you committed to reducing the jail population by enacting policies that promoted the following:

  1. Release all individuals who are being detained solely because they can’t afford cash bail, unless there is a documented assessment showing that they pose a serious risk to public safety.  
  2. Reduce the jail population to eliminate sharing of cells.  
  3. Identify and release the following people immediately, unless doing so would pose a serious risk to the physical safety of the community: 
    • Individuals who are elderly
    • Populations that the CDC has classified as vulnerable (those with asthma, cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes)
    • People in local jails who are within 6 months of completing their sentence
    • People incarcerated due to technical violations of probation and parole
  4. Reevaluate lengthy sentences and support release for those individuals who can safely return to the community.


As a person of faith, I value the inherent worth and dignity of every person regardless of past or current behavior that we deem unacceptable. I also believe that redemption is available to everyone. please follow through on the very policies you agreed with back in March!


Please consider using this script to call the DA at 925-957-2200 AND/OR email it to her at



We respectfully urge you to protect and preserve Mutsun cultural heritage by rejecting the proposed Sargent Quarry Project. The land threatened by the quarry, known as Juristac in the Mutsun language, is of immense cultural, historical, environmental and spiritual importance to the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band.

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Please consider supporting Rep. Cori Bush’s resolution to investigate and remove the members of Congress who have enabled Trump's dangerous attempts to overturn a legitimate election.

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Trump plans to OVERSHADOW the inauguration by holding his own televised event.

We need a MASSIVE backlash, 50,000 signatures before midnight, pledging to BOYCOTT Trump’s event.

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Access to water and electricity are fundamental human rights. And they’re even more important during a pandemic when people are spending more time at home.

Urge the Tennessee Valley Authority to guarantee power and water for all its customers throughout the pandemic!

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Extreme weather. Devastating wildfires. Rising sea levels. Dirtier air. The impacts of climate change are here, and growing worse. And as with so many environmental catastrophes, the greatest harm is being felt by Black, Indigenous, and other marginalized communities.

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