At Mt. Diablo UU Church we strive to bring to life our Unitarian Universalist values as we seek truth and work for justice and bridge the divisions that wound the human family. This is a place to learn a little about what is happening in our world and find quick ways you can take action. If you have suggestions, email to



The Build Back Better Act would impose penalties and subsidies to corporations as an incentive to stop burning fossil fuels and would expand tax credits for clean energy sources. It would also establish a Civilian Climate Corps, a program that would allow Americans to do the vital work of addressing our climate crisis and create access to union jobs in the clean economy. Please consider signing the petition!

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The coastal lands, boreal forests and alpine tundra of the Arctic Refuge are home to more than 270 species, including polar bears, Arctic fox, musk oxen and caribou. Drilling isn’t just bad for Indigenous communities and wildlife—it would contribute more fossil fuels to our already overheating planet. However, the Biden Administration is legally required to hold a lease sale. We must act now to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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Eighty-one percent vs. three percent. That represents the number of landlords nationwide versus the number of tenants nationwide who have attorneys to represent them in eviction court. This matters: renters who have lawyers are much more likely to win their cases and stay in their homes. That’s why the California Legislature overwhelmingly passed AB 1487, which would provide educational outreach to tenants and access to legal services.

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Please consider signing up for a voter encouragement campaign focusing on VA!  These kits allow us to target marginalized populations and promote our democratic value of voting!

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Because of the pandemic, we can't volunteer in groups. In addition, many prison facilities no longer allow physical cards of any type -- UGH! So, we are being called into action by our Association’s large online congregation; the Church of the Larger Fellowship.  The prison ministry team there has a new system this year to work around the horrible restrictions.  We are being asked to individually sign up to write messages of hope. Everyone can decide how many they want to do, 2, 4, 100, whatever fits your schedule. PLEASE consider signing up to print and send holiday designs (to be printed on 8 1/2 x 11" white paper, in black & white) with a few sentences of hope & support. Just stuff them into an envelope (a regular, white business envelope), and mail.

Do you and your family have time to help? If so, sign up here:

Worthy Now Holiday Note Program



Side With Love

Wednesday, Oct 6, 7-9 pm ET/4-6 pm PT 

  • “Defend and Advocate with Transgender, Nonbinary, and Intersex Communities”
  • “Stop Voter Suppression and Partner for Voting Rights and a Multiracial Democracy” 

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Side With Love

Wednesday, Oct 13, 7-9 pm ET/4-6 pm PT

  • “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Justice. Healing. Courage."
  • “Undoing Systemic White Supremacy: A Call to Prophetic Action"

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