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Living Our Values

The least discussed of our Make It So goals is the one to live our values.  And it is my favorite goal and the one that I feel is most important for it allows us to practice the wonderful art of imperfection.

As 2017 (a year with its share of imperfection) makes way for 2018, we can practice being what we want to see more of in the world. How do we do this? Well, it depends on our own vision for a better world.

If we want more peace, we can be more peaceful.

If we want more kindness, we can be kinder.

If we want more truth, we can be willing to tell more truth.

If we want more thought, we can be thoughtful.

One of my great aspirations as we continue our work towards being a place that experiences moments of Beloved Community is that we find ways to learn and make mistakes together. That the activities, commitments, policies, procedures and ways of being that make up the Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church can be practiced, however imperfectly, in the ways we gather and serve and worship and relate.

For the truth about a community of faith is that we hold the hope and aspiration for a future we have yet to know.  And since we have yet to know it, we need to practice what it is and learn the skills to make it real in the world.  Through our mistakes and our yearnings, our quests and our experiments, and especially through our willingness to learn from what we don’t know, we can grow.

Grow and be the ones to Make It So.

Look forward to living, growing and being what we believe together in 2018.

Happy New Year!

In faith, Leslie


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