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What is the hope within your control? In these days when many feel powerless to affect the many events in our world, it is worth reflecting on the hope that is within our control.

Too often we spin our wheels and expend our energy focused on that which we cannot change, that which we have virtually no ability to influence and that which ultimately makes us feel powerless and deflated at best or—worse–hopeless and despairing.

Here are some things we cannot change:
• How other people treat us;
• Whether they meet our expectations and desires;
• How other people take in information and what they do with it;
• Whether people who see the world differently than we do hear us or honor us.

Here are some things we can control:
• How we act out of our religious principles, especially our commitment to honoring people’s worth and dignity;
• How we treat people in keeping with those goals and aspirations;
• How we engage our interest on behalf of our vision of a more unified and caring world;
• How we listen and receive the information of those whose views differ from ours;
• How we make time to care for ourselves and nurture our spirits in these trying times;
• How we honor what we do right and are ready to account for and acknowledge when we make a mistake.

To my mind, the list of what we can control is significant, real and inspiring. What would it be like if we put more energy there?

In the spirit of love and unity, Leslie

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