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Leslie’s Logos — September 2016

This past summer, I ruminated on our beloved Mount Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church. I reflected on what makes us, when we are at our best, such a loving community. Unitarian Universalism requires no creed, and yet we gather to celebrate a living tradition which has century-old roots in the spirit of love and unity.
At moments, I see us truly embody that tradition— especially when we are hospitable to one another and
to those who venture in our doors. This is a time when one cannot have too much care or overstate the value of a place which tries to live out values of unity and justice. As we move towards this particular November, we will all need our place of sanctuary more. In a world when we have so many ways to connect virtually, this vibrant congregation offers real-time, face-to-face opportunities for friendship and fellowship. For busy families in our frenetic world, we offer an oasis where values are taught to counter the world so overrun by commercialism and cynicism.

Our worship life inspires us to face the challenging issues of our times and build our reservoirs of peace. Together we also put our values in action by moving out into the world. Our neighbors include the turkeys and deer and other critters who live in the Shell Ridge Open Space. In this time of strife in
our nation and world, we should not underestimate the value of what we have. Though I know how busy each and every one of you is, I hope you will make time to help build the place of peace that is MDUUC.

Take a class. Participate in one of our new midyear worship groups. Volunteer. Participate in our justice work. Or just take a moment and walk the labyrinth. For peace in our lives seeds peace in the world. In the spirit of love, unity and hope,

Rev. Leslie Takahashi serves as the congregation’s Lead Minister.

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