Leslie’s Logos – October 2023

Interdependence is a big word.  And it can seem a little…abstract. And yet, at its best it is about what we do at our best together in our congregation. Interdependence is about how we greet one another, how we rally if someone asks for help, how we try to find ways to make some small difference in the world. Interdependence is about our work to pass values down through generations, to honor our children and youth AND our elders. Interdependence is about our recognition that the well-being of our neighbors is tied to our own well-being. As we move among the redwoods, the turkeys and the deer, we look for spiritual sustenance and ways we to find our center from which to connect with other humans. 

The shock of seeing the direct effects of a shifting climate and our continued reverberations from the aftershocks of realizing our post-2020 vulnerability could be calling us into closer relationships with one another. Perhaps that is one of the reasons where it is too easy to look for the scapegoat, to condemn the other or to 

Interdependence isn’t abstract. It is as real as the faces of the people you love, especially those who would be expected to have the promise of long lives before them. Interdependence is as close as the smoky skies or the climbing numbers on a thermometer, as immediate as the reduced number of people in the workforce or the volunteer pool. Interdependence is also beneath the laugh you share with a friend, the moment when your eyes meet those of the great heron on your morning walk. Our hearts constrict as we watch images of polar bears on ever-smaller blobs of ice, as we hear of the acceleration of warming caused by the greed of commercial vessels cutting the existing ice into shreds, as we hear people wonder about the ethics of child-rearing.

One of the ways we are interdependent is we need one another to find hope, answers and new paths. This month our focus for our services, for vespers, for our “What is Commonly Believed Among Us” Discussions is on interdependence. And you know, we all need one another so come and join your wisdom.

In faith and perseverance,
Rev. Leslie Takahashi

Leslie Takahashi serves as the Lead Minister of the congregation. She can be reached at leslie@mduuc.org.

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