Leslie’s Logos – March 2024

On my daily walks, I note how hard it is for people to connect. To even meet one’s eyes or return a greeting. The ubiquitous white stems emerging from people’s ears contribute to this as does a growing sense that connection is burden. About half return my greetings, and about half do not. As I give my cheery “Good mornings!” to those who frown, look away or cast a disparaging glance at my 65-pound bully, Crystal, I feel as if I am engaging in a small act of living my faith.

For you see, we are people who believe in community, in connection, in the miraculous which can occur when we engage with one another. This is why I have always celebrated ministry with other ministers and as part of a staff team. And it is why I celebrate the activities of this particular month which give us an opportunity to connect with one another and with our larger community of Unitarian Universalists.

One of the most sacred parts of my job is to help organize Celebrations of Life for our members. And they never fail to remind me of the rich trove of human experience that is part of this community. To be in a place where we can meet others across profession, identity, generation and town is unusual in these times where we are often circling in smaller and smaller arcs, unwilling to even extend a greeting outside of these boundaries. On March 9, our Fellowship Event gives us an opportunity to mix and mingle and celebrate together. We will share food, music and conversation—please join us!

And on March 16, we have an opportunity to meet with other Unitarian Universalists to talk about the proposed value statements of the Article II commission. (And if you want a preview, come to the minister’s class on the 1st Wednesday).

Gathering with other UUs outside our congregation is a real treat. So let’s extend greetings, make connections, and be radical in our affirmations of community!

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