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Leslies Logos – March 2021

I have only participated in a few long distance competitive events in my life. What I remember about them is that the last segments—be they miles or blocks—can be the hardest. By then the alert attentiveness and commitment to pacing one’s self has given way to exhaustion and weariness. Whatever plans, no matter how well-thought, have been subsumed by weariness and even awareness of the surroundings, even if the end setting is more beautiful are hard to even notice. Every once of energy is directed towards reaching that goal.

And so it is as we enter into what we all so fervently hope will be our last part of this pandemic time. We are tired with grief and loss, numbed by isolation and loneliness, desperate for a return to something that feels more enveloping. Even those of us who usually embrace the scientific may find ourselves cherry-picking for the data we wish to absorb and we also may ignore the efforts to keep us together and safe.

For these reasons, I am so grateful that we share in this community a covenant to value all of our lives and a knowledge that we are willing to wait so that when we are in person in these days to come, it can be with as many of us as possible in attendance. I am grateful that we are aware that we don’t emerge into the same community—not only because of those we have lost to death and relocation and a lack of technological resource—rather because we want and need different things from our community than we needed in early 2020.

As we enter into this time of reemergence, let’s make a spiritual practice of patience, let us bind ourselves to our ideals and treat one another hospitably, even if they share a different need than us. And let us allow ourselves to be awash in gratitude that we have navigated what we have.

In the spirit of reemergence,


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