Leslie’s Logos – December 2023

This year I have been thinking about what it means to come “home” for the holidays. In a
community sense, that can mean reconnecting with your faith community at this time when we
are often doing a conscious or unconscious tallying of our supportive connections. We reconnect
with family and friends at this time of year because a part of us wishes to be with people with
whom we have some common reality. To be with someone who knows a little of your story, or
who shares a bit of your understanding of the world is sustaining. And sometimes, this is a great
time to think of making new connections as well. As we end 2023—a year of both healing and
loss—let’s think anew about what it means to “come home for the holidays.”
At its best and when it is a place of nurture, home is where we find true companionship—and
we need an array of companions. A companion might be, for example, someone who
accompanies you on a journey. Maybe it’s someone you travel within a physical sense and may
be in metaphorical way on the journey of life. One of the things I like about travel is the chance
to meet new people and make new connections and we also like to travel with people with whom
we already have a shared history.
As this 2023 comes to a close, companionship is important. Having people who can accompany
you as you ruminate about the state of your life and the state of the world is life-giving. We need
people who agree with us and people who will challenge our perspectives to widen them.
Perhaps the best mix, especially in the world of so much upheaval and change is a blend of
people that we already shared have something in common with people that we are interested in
learning from because of their differences. A community of shared values and ideals offers both.
As we end this 2023, my hope for this month of December is that many of you will decide to
connect through the various activities of our congregation and to make that extra effort, even
when it is cold and dark (and also wet, we pray!). We do not know what this 2024 will bring. We
know there will be laughter, tears, gains and losses. And we know that no matter what happens
we will need people to share smile, hear us into truth and just accompany us in our days.
So let’s give the gift of companionship over these holidays. Come help make joy for one another
and help us mark the passing of this year. I know many of you join me in being grateful you can
be part of this loving community. 2023 was a year where so many of you invested in making
things happen for us. Now let’s keep it going..
Give to your community. The Christmas Eve collection each year is dedicated to the Minister’s
Discretionary Fund which allows us to help those who need a little financial assistance. This is
an important part of extending the MDUUC spirit of care to our community and we hope you
will be part. This year we are asking for donations a little early as we will not be making a
request for gift cards. Donations made earlier in the month will allow us to provide some extra
holiday cheer to some of our members who are experiencing extreme financial difficulties this

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