Leslie’s Logos – April 2024

The conversations I have on the edges of my life often are reminders of all the gifts I experience. Recently I was in a meeting outside of my MDUUC role and someone remarked that they wished they had a way to put their values in to action. They went on to say that while they didn’t mind their work and the things they did day-to-day, they felt as if they often felt disconnected from their own dreams of the world the way they wished it to be.

The world in which we live has that potential for disconnection and we know that to be true. And yet I feel so grateful to be able to live in a frame that allows me to be part of a frame where we do our part to shape a world where voices are honored and were people of many different identities can thrive.  Where the wisdom of how to do this can be shared across generations, even when that is hard.  Where youth and young adults can gain the sense of agency that is so needed in a time when so many feel powerless.

When I falter, the context of meetings such as our Climate Action team help me recenter and renew my resolve. It helps to have co-conspirators in the midst of a dominant culture that sometimes seems unbearably aloof to the real challenges before us. So often people say how much they value having a place where they can share their grief at injustice around us in a manner they can’t do elsewhere. When I hear of those who are lonely in this very digital and disconnected world, I am glad to know of the 30 plus times a week people gather through the auspices of MDUUC.

When I was parenting young children—and now as a dedicated “Lala”–I also am glad to have ways that I know from being a religious education teacher back in my home congregation, which help me have those tricky conversations with children about why the world is unfair or inequitable.

“Justice is what love looks like in public,” Cornell West has written. May we make it so.

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