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Coming of Age: 9th Grade

The Coming of Age program at MDUUC is a year long program for our 9th grade youth to explore and articulate their beliefs, as well as develop their personal understandings and connections to Unitarian Universalism. At the end of the course, students will deliver their Credo statements to the gathered community during a worship service, answering the question, “to what is your heart called to do?”

Coming of Age classes run from mid-September through May during the second service (11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.). In addition, youth will have the opportunity to be matched with a mentor, go on retreats, visit other UU congregations, and participate in a social justice project. Our goal  is a fun and meaningful experience that allows the youth to grow in self knowledge, spend time with others who share similar values, and engage directly in living out their religious and ethical values in the world. At the end of the year we recognize their spiritual growth first with a celebratory friends and family dinner and then within our church community at the Coming of Age worship service, May 19th 2019.  Questions? Contact Indigo Lewis at

Please note that participants MUST register as a participant of MDUUC’s children and youth religious education program and  there is a fee of $175 per participant.  We want everyone to participate and if payment of this fee presents a barrier please contact our DLRE Indigo Lewis at

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