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Programming for Parents and Children

family chapel
Join Us For 25 Minutes of Connection!
(Bring along some legos if they are available)


We're excited to continue with our Family Chapel in February! We've decided to adopt the theme of Beloved Community for this month, the vision from Martin Luther King Jr. of community based in love, equality and justice. Our four Sundays will focus on these characteristics:

  1. Black Leaders are Honored Leaders                   (Black History Month)
  2. Love Grows Beyond Boundaries                           (Valentine's Day)
  3. Wounds Are Healed                                                      (Antiracism)
  4. We Don't Run Away When Things Get Hard (Spiritual Wholeness)

And if you haven't checked us out please do, it's a chance to meet with other families, adults and children, to briefly share time and the rituals of our faith together. This space is for us all; those noisy and those quiet, those who like to sit and those who prefer to dance, those under 2 feet and those over 6. We will gather to:

  • Light a chalice together
  • Sing along to one of our favorite hymns
  • Share Joys & Concerns
  • Create an interactive art piece with household items
  • Participate in short meditation

Come join us in community and on zoom Sunday at 9:30 am!



For many years now MDUUC has been making the commitment to grow into the vision of being an exuberantly multicultural community. Part of this vision has involved many in our community taking part in the Beloved Conversations program, which expands our self knowledge and increases our multicultural awareness and competency.

For parents, participating in this program has been challenging as it mostly took place on Saturdays. This spring however, the class is being offered both virtually and nationally!  The learning has a self paced component as well as a small group component and begins March 16th.  The benefits of this particular program are many as we continue to struggle with the deep inequalities of our country AND how to help our children navigate these difficulties and be families who work for change.

While this program normally costs $250, I'm excited to let you know we currently have a parent matching fund in place to help support your participation! The deadline for registration is coming up quickly, Feb. 26th, so please let me know if you can join me in this great program.

Let's learn together on how we can make MDUUC the exuberantly multicultural community we dream of!  Please email me for program & registration details.


Check the RE Newsletter for more Program Information
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