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Last Sunday I took time to engage my curious mind

Out in the Briones Open Space, Crystal the American Bully Breed pup and I went exploring. It was a path neither of us had been on before.  For me, it reminded me of the importance of engagement with the natural world which I too often miss. For Crystal, it was her first encounter with cows which she was fascinated by—and which she did not let out of her sites. Later that night, we both slept well, engaged in the contemplation of new spaces and views.

So often we need that engagement in this world in which we are looking to fit our old ways of knowing into a new world filled with uncertainty and change. I wish that I could more often bring the spirit of curiosity to these large questions in my life, rather than the feeling that if I do not know the answer, I am somehow inadequate.  Living the questions truly is the challenge of our time and it takes a whole new set of skills.

I would like to be more like Crystal, quiet and intent, trying to figure out what these larger-than-the-average dog creatures were. I wish I could be more in the spirit I had myself that night—open to possibility and intrigued with the mystery of the unimaginable greenness of the hills and the promise of paths unexplored.  This is the spirit of inquiry into which we are invited by these times to enter.

Curious. Questioning, Contemplative. May our days hold more of this.

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