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Events/Room Reservations:

Does it have a date and/or do you need a room? Go to the calendar and select the green Submit Event Request button on the top of the calendar for room reservations and event requests. You can also click on that button to track your requests. Please note that there are several pages to the form, so please continue clicking the next button until your request is complete. You will receive confirmations as your event is processed and approved. If your event is declined you will see why and be able to resubmit if needed. Please check the calendar to be sure your event is not already there before submitting events. You CAN use this form for changes in your existing event (we will either use the new submission to replace what is on the calendar or make a change to the existing entry, at the discretion of the publications coordinator).

Submitting Articles:

Is it information only or promotion for publications? If it’s a sentence or two, use the Short Announcements form (red). DO NOT USE ANNOUNCEMENTS FORM TO REQUEST EVENTS!

 Short Announcements

Please email your Beacon articles (longer than 1-2 sentences but no more than 300 words) to as email, Word document, or Google doc. (Please, no pdfs, Pages, or other applications).

Is this a one or two sentence announcement? Please use the Short Announcement Form instead.

The particulars:

  • Beacon Articles – 300-500 words (about 1500-2500 character). SEND VIA EMAIL. 
  • Weekly Email and Insert, short announcements for Beacon – 1-2 sentences, about 50-60 words or 500 characters USE THE SHORT ANNOUNCEMENTS FORM. 

Photos are optional and must be smaller than 2MB.

Questions? Contact

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