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In the Spirit of Love and Unity

Each year I have chosen an intentional signature to my email.  In a medium in which one can move too fast, it is a way for me to remind myself to think before I send.  In past years, I have signed emails “In faith” or “With gratitude.” This year I chose something more cumbersome”  “In the spirit of love and unity.”  I type this into message, it is not part of my memorized signature and here is why.

We are going to need this sort of awareness, not only because of threats external to our community, also because of the inevitability of internal divisions.  We are experiencing this moment in our country’s history in very different ways. For some it is proof that some are just not educated.  For others, the economic roots are most important. And for those who have already experience marginalization on a regular basis, this is a devastating event and this is not a matter of something happening in the future.  Beloved members among us already feel less safe in a grocery store, riding BART, going to work, going home for the holidays. For those older among us who know this could be their last election, the discouragement and despair is also high.  My friends, we need to be tender with one another.

For those among us who want to minimize the outcome of this election, please hear me say, in the spirit of love and unity, that the impacts are already real for many in our community.  For those who want to give up, please resist despair and connect to the comfort and outlet of community.  For those of you who just want to do something, email and sign up for the Living on the Side of Love email list which will be our alert network for responses. (By the way, Ranwa’s ordination is going to be an amazing testimony to the worth and dignity of one among us we revere.)  Much to do—and  let’s do the intentional work.

Yes, it is clunky to type “In the spirit of love and unity” on an email.  And it is also a good constant meditation on the work we must do to support one another in these heart-rending times.  And so I am –in the spirit of love and unity, Leslie

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