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In recent years, I have come to equate the unexpected with the unwanted.

In recent years, I have come to equate the unexpected with the unwanted.

So many of the surprises which have greeted us in our culture and which I have experienced in my own life have not been things I would have sought out. So perhaps, I have come to be a little resistant to things which I did not expect, didn’t know what were coming, etc.

Know what I mean?

A couple of recent events have made me realize that this linkage in my mind between unexpected and unwanted might be causing me to miss some unexpected gifts….

This short story explains the flower picture. You see, every year for the decade-plus I have been in California, I have attempted to grow sunflowers. The first year I put some seeds in a pot and got a lovely, large beaming sunflower head. And then the troubles began…some years the birds ate the seedlings before they could spout. I adjusted by starting the plants inside, which kept away the birds, but then the seedlings would wither when I transplanted them. Some years the plants would grow and then a heatwave would take them right before they bloomed.

And then this summer, kinda busy and maybe a little jaded, I just tossed a bunch of seeds into the pot in the driveway. Forgot about them., A few weeks plants started to emerge and I was charmed. Sunflowers! Well, some were actually zinnias. A nice surprise. And yes, two sunflowers of the smaller variety.

So unexpected and lovely, unexpected and inspiring. May we all be open to unexpected gifts…..

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