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Communications Advisory Committee guidance

Web Site Process

General Web Site How To

All content on the sites must be posted in accordance with MDUUC Web Policies and the MDUUC Covenant of Right Relationship. Anyone who wants to post on the site must read those and agree to follow them.  For example, personal contact information must not be posted, and no pictures of minors (under 18) may be posted without written parental permission.  In order to maintain the privacy and safety of our community, your web privileges may be removed if you do not post in accordance with the policies

How to Maintain Your Committee or Group Web Page on our Google Site
(Any MDUUC committee or group can have space on this site)

NOTE: The above instructions are as accurate as we can make them at the time we wrote them. We’ll do our best to keep them current as we learn of changes. However, Google is constantly updating the feature set of Google Sites and other Google Apps.  If you find something that doesn’t seem to work the way we describe it here, please send a note to the webupdate team.

Managing MDUUC Groups or Email (Permissions required)

END OF GENERAL DIRECTIONS – The directions below are of use to staff or assigned volunteers only.

Maintaining Specific Sections or Pages on the Public Site (for staff or volunteers):

Note: the articles to modify for the first three items below can now be accessed by selecting the News and Events tab on the Home Page, then clicking on the article name. That is a quick alternative way to get to these articles.

Mailchimp bulk email 
Instructions on more technical tasks are located at the Web Committee site.

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