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MDUUC is a mission-driven community, collaboratively led and managed by professional ministerial and support staff and by lay leaders elected by the congregation.

People committed to specific work areas come together regularly on a volunteer basis. These committees are guided by a council structure that aims to integrate our overall efforts and leverage the work of each to benefit all.

Here is a listing of the councils, with their committees and interest groups with contact information for leaders.


 Social Justice Council – Peggy Kroll
Board Liaison - Ron Ahnen
CCISCO Local Organizing CommitteeContra Costa County Interfaith Supporting Community Organization (CCISCO) is a multi-racial, multi-generational, interfaith federation of member congregations working for social justice. MDUUC works in collaboration with CCISCO in the service of social change..Joe Schellenberg
Economic JusticeRaises awareness and educates our church's members about the nature and extent of the economic injustice in our society and in the world; and identifies and works with both faith based and secular allies who share our values to promote economic justice by effecting changes to inequitable policies, programs, and laws.Bob Lane, Elizabeth Copley
Food ProjectThe group coordinates with other community action organizations to provide food for people in need, and organizes teams of MDUUC volunteers to participate in that work. The group also supports the religious education's efforts in the Peace Garden activities.TBD
Homeless and Affordable Housing CommitteeWe collaborate with service organizations such as Contra Costa Interfaith Housing, Trinity Center, and Shelter, Inc. We partner with housing advocacy organizations to support systemic changes in planning communities that include housing for all economic levels. The Winter Nights program is a sub-committee of this Committee.Bill Wostenberg
ImmigrationThe Immigration Task Force, a committee of the Social Justice Council, aims to educate the congregation about immigration issues, to raise awareness among the congregation about the plight of immigrants in this country, and to witness and advocate for justice for immigrants, including comprehensive reform of our immigration system.Suzanne Llewellyn
Sanctuary Task ForceSuzanne Llewellyn and Bob Lane
LGBTQ & FRIENDSOur committee is comprised of LGBTQ people and those who support LGBTQ equality, hence "LGBTQ & FRIENDS". Our goal is to provide an inclusive environment for education, activities and programs that will enlighten and empower members and visitors from surrounding communities.Stephanie Singer
Racial Justice CommitteeA social justice committee which works for racial justice within MDUUC and in the larger communityConnie Chiba & Peggy Kroll
 LEAP Council - Elsie Mills
Board Liaison - Jaynese Davis
Adult ProgramsJim Hughell
Child CareMarena McGregor
Children and Youth REIndigo Lewis
Our Whole LivesThe OWL program provides age-appropriate, values-based sexuality education classes.John Dark
 Membership Ministry - Nancy Rivara
Board Liaison - Kathy Teplitz
Pastoral Visitors**Work confidentially with the ministers to offer support to members through visiting the ill in hospitals or at home, comforting the bereaved and supporting those in life crisis.Patricia Craven, Joanne Livengood
Community CirclesSmall groups which meet every week or two.Mary Helen Binger
CaringServes members and friends in times of need with meals, rides, visits and other support. Liaison: Rev Leslie TakahashiTBD
Devil Mountain Coffee House CommitteeOrganizes "coffee house" performances.Harry Miller
Denominational ConnectionsLinks to the Pacific Central District (PCD), the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), our Partner Church in Transylvania and other UU organizations. Recommends delegates for PCD and UUA General Assemblies.Sue Polgar
MembershipEncouraging "Radical Hospitality", members greet and welcome newcomers, provide Getting to Know UU classes, New Member recognition and a dinner for New Members. Encouraging community involvement, we provide Getting Involved classes for members.Jaynese Davis
HistoryDiscovers and publicizes the history of MDUUCCarolyn Campbell
Coffee ServiceCoordinates volunteers for Coffee ServicesMelissa Allen
Partner ChurchConnects our church with our Partner Church in Transylvania, Romania in Erdoszengyorgy.Judy Young
 Financial Stewardship Council - Bill Clark
Board Liaison - Steve Hirsch
FinanceThe Finance Committee monitors the financial condition of the church and fosters prudent financial practices.Kevin McGregor, Diana Lowell
Fundraising EventsOversees planning and production of major fundraising events.TBD
Legacy**Solicits contributions (money, stock donations and legacy gifts) for our endowment and capital funds and manages the proceeds.Inge Yarborough
MemorialMaintains memorial gifts to the church and keeps records regarding gifts.Elisabeth Andreason
Rentals CommitteeReview, update, and implement procedures and practices for successful large event rentals. The Committee recruits church members or others to serve as Event Hosts.Jo Gelinas
Stewardship CommitteePlans and coordinates the annual pledge drive in the Spring to support the ministries and work of the churchEd Lampo
 Place Council - Katie Wills
Board Liaison Doug Tamo
ArtsSponsors rotating art exhibits with local artists around the MDUUC campus. Advises church leadership in the opportunity, acceptance, and placement of works of art.Dee Simmons
Facilities CommitteeDetermines necessary repairs and improvements to make MDUUC facilities function effectively, safely and efficiently. It is responsible for overseeing the Maintenance Reserves, and for recommending the Buildings & Grounds budget request annually.Kathryn Wellington
Green GroupSponsors ongoing activities and educational campaigns on environmental issues and initiatives, with a primary focus on Climate Change.Dee Simmons
GroundsOrganizes volunteers to work with staff in maintaining the grounds.Steve Dietsch
KitchenCoordinates the organization, maintenance, and supplies for Bortin Hall’s kitchen. Advises church leadership by recommending projects to keep kitchen safe, up-to-date, and efficient.Jaynese Davis & Deb Dannucci
OrchardMaintains the fruit orchard below the sanctuary.Arthur Ungar
SafetyDevelops and maintains emergency preparedness information.Dan Barnard
TechnologyEnables, implements, and maintains the church staff’s computers, campus telecommunications, and other electronic office equipment. Advises church leadership on the upkeep and future enhancement of the church’s technology needs.TBD
 Worship Council -Bill Yarborough
Board Liaison - Linda Russell
Chancel GuildPlans and arranges for flowers and art to enhance our Sanctuary for Sunday morning worship.Beth Snortum
Earth-Centered Circle CommitteeScott Baxter
MusicSupports the music program of the church, plans musical programs and fundraising, and acts as a clearinghouse for music activities.Elaine Bush, Carol Fidler
UshersCoordinates ushers for Sunday Services.Nancy Moran
VespersJo Gelinas
Worship Associates***Helps with planning Sunday Services not led by minister; Associates assist in all Sunday Services.Linda Russell
UUs for Jewish AwarenessElaine Bush
 Other Committees 
Board of Trustees*Leadership in church policy and directionMichele Carroll
BookstoreSelects and sells books of interest to Unitarian Universalists. Members help with the bookstore table on Sunday mornings.TBD
Committee on Ministry**Monitors and evaluates the ministries of the Church and advises the Board and the Ministers.Sandy Bonshahi, Errol Reyes
Communications AdvisoryEnhances communications within and outside of the church. Board Liaison - Michele CarrollKathé Cairns
Nominating*The committee nominates candidates for Board of Trustees, the Legacy Committee and Nominating Committee.David Platt, Leslie Baxter
Personnel**Handles employee matters, performs reviews and makes recommendations on salaries. Serves as liaison between the staff and the congregation. Board Liaison - Kathy TeplitzJeff Galanti

* membership is by election
** Membership is only by nomination/ invitation.
*** There is an application process for Worship Associates. Speak to the ministers if interested.

Interest Groups

We have a wide variety of groups that meet on a regular basis.  You are welcome to join any of them. Send an email to the person listed to verify dates and times.

Interest GroupPurpose / ActivitiesContact Person
Book DiscussionMeets first Tuesday each month in people?s homesBill & Joy Hicks
Caregivers CircleYvonne Shumaker
ChoirRehearses Thursdays at 7:30 in the SanctuaryCarol Hasse
Elder JourneyMeets 2nd Wednesday at 10 am in the Children's Chapel, for personal exploration.Rev. Leslie Takahashi
Facilities Work PartyTristan Thielman
Grief GroupRev. Leslie Takahashi
MeditationMeets Sundays at 9 am in the Fireside Room. Supports silence with Tibetan bells, chants and songs.Sharon Lawrence
Men's Breakfast GroupMeets 2nd Saturday from 9 to 11 am in the Children's Chapel for light breakfast, check-in and topical conversation.Les Polgar
Community CirclesMiranda Lennox
Open Women?s GroupOur "Open Women's Group" is open to all women associated with MDUUC to promote community,fellowship, education and fun. Meets 1st Thursday at 10:30 am for potluck lunch and discussion;Joan Armstrong, Jane North, Dolores Olson, & Dee Simmons
Young Adult NetworkMiranda Lennox
Young Adult Programs
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