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How Do We Risk New Life and Growth?

In the spring, bright green shoots poking their way through the dark loam of soil. We welcome them and sometimes miss other forms of movement and growth. In celebrating new life, we often miss the explorations and risks of existing life.  Plants and trees who have seen seasons before also send out new shoots. Those Easter-bright green acts of courage may emerge below the knot hole left by an old scar or from within a splintered core where something now is missing. Though not as picturesque or lovely, that risky green is just as precious. In this spring season, how can we celebrate the risk of new life in all its forms?

We are like the redwood trees, parched through years of drought and now withstanding a deluge of rain. And yet willing, willing, willing to take the risk of new growth and life. We too can grow again, after all dry seasons and the torrential soaking brought on by the overwhelm of life and change. Let this be a time for rejoicing in the persistence and resistance and resilience of life. Let us risk begin a beginner, risk being a learner, risk growing anew into a new and more whole life. 

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