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Our Growth is Always Being Shaped by Events We Cannot Foresee

I was thinking about this walking with a friend in Civic Park this week. We were noting the different paths our lives had taken and how that had worked or not worked for us. She was talking about a transition in her life when we passed a part of a fence carefully worked to allow a tree branch room to grow in its plane.

“Look at that,” I said, struck by the living metaphor in front of us.

“Yes, there are several in this park.” And her comment, matter-of-fact, spoke to how common this is that we think we are on one path and something steps in our way.

I admire the tree which continues to grow, the fence-builder who allowed the gently cut-out for the limb which someday will be gone. I appreciate those who are open to new ideas and new possibilities. I appreciate those who just keep on their path. I admire how hard it is for any of us to know which is the right course in any given moment.

The world gives us multiple truths. This week I have been struck by many of them. Some hope-filled and some sorrow-laced.

In the future, perhaps someone will be walking by that fence and see an odd section with a jagged cut-out and wonder why. They will not understand this as a testimony to the power of continuity and the power of change both.

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