Gratitude in any season

As we approach this weekend with its many complications and traditions, perhaps taking a moment to express some form of gratitude will be helpful.

In a world with so much strife, let us be glad that some are working hard for peace.

In a world of so much loss, let us be grateful for time with our loved ones OR if we are mourning our own loss, let us be grateful for the legacy of connection which is the taproot of our sorrow.

In a world with so much strife, let us vow to extend what peace and grace we can to those we encounter in these coming days.

May gratitude extend to those human inhabitants before us who lived in harmony with the earth for so many generations, for the bounty of these lands and for our continued commitment to living into the hope of a world with more community and less division.

Gratitude in any season is a path to more connection. May we extend connection towards one another in these days.

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