Generosity in Action

What a joyful day it has been around here. The campus has been abuzz with an amazing group of volunteers doing many things. As two worked on financial matters, a lively dozen were spread across the kitchen and the Bortin Hall doing preparation for our Community Harvest meal tomorrow.  We will be feeding about 100 people with a hearty menu that required much washing, chopping and boiling.  How wonderful to see our volunteers back in action—using distancing, gloves, masks and taking a 15 minute break at the top of the hour. That was a lovely time for saying hello to one another.

Days like this truly embody what it means to be a community. To be using energy to serve the larger whole of the human family. Some of the people we will serve are our wonderful members who are holding the spot until we can return in person in some future year. And this year the vast majority of the food will go to those who otherwise would not have access to a festive meal. We will be assisting the clients of a local medical clinic and those experiencing housing insecurity.

In this year when we understand a new depth of gratitude, this is a fitting activity made possible by some behind the scenes work by my colleague Rev. Rodney Lemery, the on-site management skills of the remarkable Michael Macias and some stellar volunteers including Randall Wiley, Jaynese Davis and Davina Smith who all took the time to get trained as food handling supervisors. If the news from around the world gets you down, I invite you to picture long tables of knife-weilding volunteers taking on 50 pounds of white and 50 pounds of sweet potatoes, a mountain of celery and two full bags of onions.

May the tears of joy I felt also fill your eyes.

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