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Friday, September 4, 2020

Now we are at 60 days and counting. And we are going to face some hard choices in the coming weeks and we need to be clear about the nature of those choices. For only if that is clear can we be sure how we much approach these choices.

If we do not know the true horizon, we cannot head in the right direction. If we do not understand the nature of the journey, we cannot prepare for it well. Yes, an election is coming and yet it is not like any other election—not even like the election we faced in 2016. For now, we can have no doubt about the extent to which hatred and ignorance can reign and the ways in which the lives of the dispossessed can be used as political shrapnel.

The choice we face in November is not a political one—it is a moral choice and to approach it through the lens of politics is to lose sight of what is at stake. What is at stake is whether we will be a nation which preserves any sense of commitment to a common good and a common future or whether we will abandon all of this in favor of a dystopian survival ethic which furthers the inequities among us.

We have 60 days left until this election and for these reasons, and let us keep our eyes where they need to be—on the horizon against whose terrain we can see the birthing of a new day in which we do not throw away some lives because it is politically expedient, in which we still wrestle with the complexity of what it means to dismantle centuries-old systems of oppression, in which we examine honestly who those systems have served and not served.

May we each spend these days making real the world we wish to leave to those who come after us. They will be the ones to carry the burden of the choices we make.

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