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Friday, July 24, 2020

My 82-year-old mother has more emojis on her phone than I do. She sends me messages with unicorns and rainbows and such. We are all in such a time of change and what I’ve been most impressed with is all the ways that we have all been learning and adapting so well and so much. And still—can we say– it is tiring! And this week, so much discouraging news. We can often feel overwhelmed and as if those joys we can have are pointless.

With our regular routines changed or gone and a sense that everything is just strange and different, it would be easy for us to allow the taste of summer to be part of our life. Yet we need to have summer we need to have those breaks in our routine that allow us to come back and appreciate our routines and our connections even more. In that spirit I offer these words from a recent vespers service:

The seasons around us remind us that we are a part of the natural world. Our bodies seek the fallow of winter, the renewal of spring, the turning of fall, and in this time, the release of summer. In this summer, strange and new, how do we honor this natural wisdom? Even amid new realities when we long for old routines, how do we embrace the renewals of this season? How do we slow ourselves to the languid pace that all those who dwell in warm climes know? How do we bask with the lizard and dip into the water with the egret? How do we savor the flavors of growing things and the samplings of new creativities being born in us? How do we let go into the gifts of summer?

The Great Spirit of the world invites us into a larger frame, a frame that says we are more than our day-to-day tasks and our lists of responsibilities. A frame that reminds us to nourish ourselves and those we love for these days will not be offered again. A frame that invites us to slow the pace and release the mind from care, even in this worry-world we now inhabit. Honor the great spirit of rest. Honor the great spirit of possibility. Honor the great spirit of bodily awareness which invites us into presence with the simple joys. Honor the fierce persistence of life which will wrap flower-filled vines around collapsing logs and poke persistent weeds up through the cracks in sidewalks. Honor the still lengthened days and the quality of the light that bookends them. Savor this summertime with the means we have this year, this time which will never come again.

May you take some time to savor.

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