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Curious Explorations

Curious Explorations

This month, your family is invited to become curious about three key parts of your neighborhood: places, nature, and neighbors.
Places: Identify a few familiar places in your neighborhood, for example, a favorite restaurant, park, or library. Then, use what some people call a “beginner’s mind” and pretend you’re visiting it for the first time. Do you notice something new? How does it feel to be there?  You can learn more about having a beginner’s mind here:

Nature: What is nature up to right now? What transformations are taking place? What do you see that you haven’t noticed before? What plants and animals would you like to learn more about?

Neighbors: Who in your neighborhood are you curious about learning more about? The mail person? Someone who lives on your block? A cashier at a local store or gas station? Come up with 3-4 questions you are wondering about or that you think would help to get to know them better.

Reflection Take time to think and talk about what you learned after being curious about a few or all of these spaces.

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