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CO-GITATIONS October, 2016

Born and raised on the east coast, I always feel a little twinge at this time of year when I feel in my bones that the leaves should be turning. I am always grateful when a few mislocated maples oblige and apples appear in the stores and markets. For me, fall signals “New Year” with as much conviction as January 1. This is the time to renew and augment commitments and to jump back in with enthusiasm. And now, with the coming of October, we can say it is fall.

So let’s get busy and get involved! This month, on Sundays between and after services you will have a chance to learn about the many ways that you can get involved in this wonderful and vibrant community. A great chance for you to learn and grow and connect and vital to the health of this congregation which cannot survive without the time and talents of its members and friends.

Interested in lighting the chalice? Helping out with the grounds? Being a listening presence for someone? Helping new members find their way? Making sure people know all the good stuff that is going on here? No matter what it is, we can use your gifts and talents. The work of the congregation is organized through seven councils which are responsible for the work (some would say the ministry activities) of the congregation. The Councils work with the ministers and staff and have lots of great activities in which you can get involved.

Watch for the chance to learn more about how you can get involved in the work of the congregation
through our Showcase Sundays:

October 2: Worship & Place
October 9: LEAP and Financial Stewardship
October 16: Communications and Membership Ministry
October 22: Social Justice
October 29: Place

Building community is everybody’s ministry. The fall is falling—let’s get connected!

In the spirit of love and unity, Leslie

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