Children’s Chapel

Chapel Sunday for All Ages, 1st – 7th Grade

Every 1st Sunday of the month we shift gears from our regularly scheduled classes during the 2nd Service to an all ages children’s  “Chapel”.  This worshipful time offers our children and youth a chance to reflect on important life issues, feel uplifted through music, hold others in care, and have time to listen to the still small voice inside. A practice of worship for children and youth grounds them in their faith in such important ways as encouraging religious identity, a sense of belonging in church community and a space to grow their spirituality.

We will begin our time together in the Sanctuary through the Time For All Ages. After being sung out, we will transition to the room also known as the Children’s Chapel.  Our morning will consist of :

  • hymns
  • chalice lighting
  • joys and sorrows
  • a short meditation
  • offertory
  • a story followed by ritual, meditation or activity
  • closing ritual

The themes for Chapel change each month. If you are able, please send your child with a coin for the collection basket. We will also have coins available for those who forget.  See you Sunday!

Taking It Home –
The practice of prayer is experienced around the world, within diverse faith traditions, and takes forms ranging from the contemplative to the active. Prayers for Unitarian Universalists can be understood simply as the two-fold action of naming what is in your heart and engaging in deep listening to find the answer.

For children and youth, it can be helpful to structure prayer as a petition for:

  • Gratitude
  • Request (asking for something),
  • Confession (admitting shortcomings and seeking forgiveness)
  • Intercession (prayer on someone else’s behalf)

You may want to try the following: