Celebrate and Build

  • We have much to celebrate as we come into the last month of this program year! Here are some of the things that I am celebrating:
  • A robust return to in-person services and the continued opportunity for people to watch and participate in online programming.
  • The presence of healthy programs for middle schoolers, high schoolers, and the blessed arrival of new families!
  • The chance to celebrate together—some of us for the first time!—in the ways that we have not been able to over shared meals and shared music and, most importantly, meaningful shared conversations. 
  • Our amazing music program, offering a variety of types of music and styles.
  • The return to more active volunteer support—with our amazing participation in the Winter Nights program, our Pancake Breakfast, and our fellowship Event!
  • Participation in and expansion of our Community Circle programs and other small groups which continue to provide touchstones for people in different times of life. Many now meet in hybrid format such as the Men’s Breakfast, Open Women Group, Elder Journey, grief support groups, etc.
  • The celebration of lives for those who we have lost in this year.
  • A chance to talk about new ideas with our Together We Rise initiative.
  • Experimentation with new offerings such as our Tapas worship programs and our new shower program.

All this has been made possible by generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure, including legacy gifts from those who remembered MDUUC in their will.

As we look to the future, and to our 2023-24 year, we are well-positioned with our Together We Rise strategic direction discussions. Let’s keep it going.

In faith and perseverance,


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