Past Sermons

June 18: Just Another MDUUCing Growth Experience

June 12, 2017

Join Intern Minister Jim Lewis and Lead minister Leslie Takahashi and as they explore the ways that hard times also…

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June 11: Thin Moments

June 7, 2017

There are occasional moments when the veil between reality and the transcendent seems thin, and we can have a sense…

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June 4: The Beauty of Resistance

June 1, 2017

Our Annual Flower Communion Service: Join Rev. Leslie Takahashi, Rev. David Usher, Rev. Ranwa Hammamy, Mr. Barb Greve and Jim…

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May 28: Duty and Deep Calling

May 23, 2017

On this weekend that we remember those who have died in military service, we reflect on our dedication to what…

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May 21: Annual Youth Service

May 16, 2017

One Service begins on this day.

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