Breath and Spirit – February 2022

Reconnect with Your Breath
A Horizontal Virtual Retreat

As we begin to hear of possibilities of restrictions relaxing, our hearts are glad--AND all of this has been hard on us. So consider joining us for the February 2022 Version of Breath and Spirit which is designed to allow us to cultivate compassion for our selves and for others as well as to get us to stop holding our breath while waiting for the world to restart.

In these last two years we have offered this retreat in many formats. This week we are stretching it out over a week of activities which begin today!

Why might you participate? Breath and Spirit is a smorgasbord of offerings of different ways to connect with your spirit. Perhaps you are feeling wearied by all these changes. Perhaps you are feeling isolated? Perhaps you just want some others to help you with some new ideas about how to up your spiritual practice game.

How do you join?  Watch the recording of the opening circle. Then each day a short offering will allow you to connect real-time with others to try on different spiritual practices.

Opening Circle

Monday, February 7th 2:00 pm

with Jo Gelinas

Embracing Self-Compassion

Tuesday, February 8th 2:00 pm

with Michael Macias

Ritual of Letting Go

Wednesday, February 9th 5:30pm

with Rev. Leslie Takahashi


Thursday, February 10th 6:30pm

with Bill and Inge Yarborough

Emotional Freedom Technique

Friday, February 11th 8:00am

with Rev. Leslie Takahashi

Friday Meditation

Friday, February 11th 11:00am -12:00 pm

with Nancy Foster

Reconnect and Restore

Reconnect and Restore - practice restorative self-care under the canopy of our treasured memorial redwoods. Nancy Foster, ANFT guide, will lead a meditative practice with micro-movements, breathing, and kissing the Earth to help us remember how all beings are connected. (masks required on campus)

Saturday, February 12th, 11:00am

with Rev. Leslie Takahashi

Closing Circle