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Blog Post for Friday, May 22, 2020

Dear Friends,

As we go through this sheltering in place time, some weeks seem harder in the world than others.  This week has brought news of the 100000th death within the United States from Covid-19, the death of George Floyd and the threat to a Black birdwatcher in Central Park, and at the local church level, disheartening activity by scammers. So I just thought I would take a moment today to write a message to say that in the midst of all this I am buoyed by the work of this community and all the small acts of kindness that I get to bear witness to done by our members and friends. I thought I would just list a few:

The ways in which people have been calling and comforting one another and making that connection that is so vital to all of our well being;

The continued efforts to ensure the well being of our guest in sanctuary;

The engaged conversations about what it means to support Black and Indigenous people who are disproportionately affected (by sending support and by sending masks);

The care and comfort that have been offered to people who are living alone who have experienced health problems not related to the pandemic directly but which are complicated because of the reduced number of medical and other assistive services;

The food that is dropped off that has literally saved people from extreme hunger at a time when opportunities to earn money have disappeared and the gifts to the discretionary fund that allow people to be housed in extreme heat this week;

The number of people who have given of their creativity, time and talent to help make our worship services so inspirational including the choir members who have struggled with technologies that are not their natural place of comfort to allow us to have music;

The parents who have maintained a commitment to support their children’s religious education though another task while trying to work at home.

The quiet teams of people that have rallied around a number of the friends of the church who have been unhoused during this pandemic, offering so many small and large services that otherwise they literally would have no access to in a time when most services are shut down or nonexistent;

The continued efforts to rally voters for the fall;

The number of people who have continued to faithfully pay their pledge or pledged for next year to ensure that our staff can be paid for their extra hours during this time period.

For all that you do to make our community work and for all that you don’t see every day, please know that you are making a real difference in real people’s lives.

We face threats to our health and general well being, to our economy, to our political system, to our environment and yet we also are witness each day to simple acts the counter all these trends. If you would like to get more involved in activities that might help post your spirit, please feel free to be in touch. Mostly though, THANK YOU!

And take good care,

PS Remember that we have been amassing resources to help us when the world seems overwhelming.  You can find them at:  Virtual Friday Meditation

A special recording for today is right here:

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