Black History Month

On my sabbatical month I have been listening to a number of podcasts and one of them is the 1619 podcast.  I want to commend this to all of us during this particular Black History Month.

For me the scholarship and depth of the 1619 project is both exemplary and overwhelming.  A project of the New York Times. The extent of the pain that is captured as just part of the regular infrastructure makes me understand anew the ways that our nation’s wealth and structure was build on the institution of slavery and the incredible costs of that.

As we learn more about intergenerational transfer of trauma, this podcast is a good tool for anyone who wants to respond to our current racial divides with “That was so long ago!” or “Can’t we all just get along?” This podcast makes it clear.

Podcasts not your thing?  The 1619 title is also a book. One that sits on my shelves as well. I purchased it during the sheltering time and now am resolved to read it.  You can learn more about the project here:

Our history is our future unless we take actions to make sure that is not the case. I take this break from sabbatical because of the importance.

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