Asking for a friend(ship)

How amazing it was to have more than 200 of us (ultimately!) gathered last Sunday for our Annual Meeting.  And, for me at least, the gathering felt worshipful.  In part that was because of the opportunity to see so many beloved faces together (albeit some by Zoom!)

Which leads me to an invitation about THIS Sunday and the Sundays to follow.  In this post-2020 time, we aren’t coming in person as much to our services and one reason people tell me this is the case is that they don’t like to come and NOT see their friends.

So here is an idea.  Maybe you and the people you most want to see can decide on a particular Sunday to come—and maybe our special services such as Flower Communion, Water Communion, All-Souls and our holiday Gatherings might be ones you make space for on your calendars.  Sometimes it is hard to ask to say , “I miss you at church.” And sometimes that is just what we need. Though I know how much time goes into planning and executing our Sunday and Wednesday services, I also know that for many what draws us is not the words or the music, it is the connections and the friendships.

This Sunday, please bring a flower to share and a friend. If you have never been to this service, you know that it is one that our children remember and that those who have moved away recall with great fondness.

And if you are virtual this week, send us a photo of you with a flower to

Let’s keep celebrating that feeling of connection because we need one another.

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