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Aiming For The Target

For the last two days, my heart has been heavy thinking about the young lives that will be affected by President Trump’s order on DACA. Young people who have known nothing but this nation as their home are the latest victim of our broken immigration policies, policies which people on both sides of the aisle acknowledge to be unworkable, outdated and ineffective.

Though I was on the streets about other issues last week, I was grateful for those who witnessed for me yesterday. I was with my son, whom I have been separated from because of his illness and the need for him to have treatment which I cannot provide in my home setting. We get a few days a month together and in that time I hold great joy of who he is and what he has accomplished and I also hold the huge sorrow of not being able to have the fullness of his life with me every day, the way that I thought it should be and the way it would have been in a world in which we treat all with dignity.

So yesterday, I was thinking about all those parents, around the nation now who face heartbreak that others will never know. To be forced to be separated from your child, and to be living in that state of constant grief. For my child it was a matter of life and death, for other people’s children if anything this move will endanger rather than save their lives. And they will face near permenent separation. I cannot imagine what that extra agony will be like on top of the agony that I already know. I have resources and privilege which allows for visits and many if these families will not even have this inadequate consolation prize.

Make a call today, send a fax, give a contribution to one of the organizations that is helping to fuel the resistance. It makes a difference. Hearts are being broken now cross this nation. Young people are looking at the world we left them through our complacency and complicity. Now all we can do is apologize and stay loud.

The picture is from yesterday. Despite the mess that we have made of this nation, our young people are still willing to aim and to keep us on target. I have heard many dreamers speak about the world they want to help build and I want to live in that world. Shouldn’t we be willing to do the same?#dreamers #resisthate

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