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A Year in Refusal to Behave

This has been the year that refuses to behave. So we may have to.

We may have to behave by engaging in those activities that keep us whole in this time of fracture, that make us stronger when so much acts to break us down, that enliven us when the world numbs us.

We need play and time to appreciate beauty. As the spring burgeons around us, as the hills turn tawny, let us make the effort to notice. Taking in that deep breath of beauty can allow us to stay present to all that is good and life-giving around us.

We need to do this because we especially need to remember that which is predictable and hopeful.

The world may not be behaving as it might–and still we can listen beyond its disruptions to a quieter and more steady heartbeat. And that centering beat can guide our own into a greater peace and presence. We can behave as lovers of life and beauty always do, as curators of the inspiring and admirers of the admirable.
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