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A Prayer for Our Times

Here is a prayer for our times:

Spirit of life and love, God of many names, Infinite mystery of the more.

We are grateful for the power of our religious heritage which gives us the belief that the world can be more loving and unified.

We are grateful for the dreams of a better world which have sustained many on the long journey to liberation and freedom.

In this time of division, we ask to be reminded of the power of unity, one of the brightest beacons of our religious tradition. In this time of state-sponsored hatred, we ask that our faithful gatherings allows us to drink deep of the enlivening and purifying powers of love. And we make space for the deep ask of prayer which can give voice to the deep questions of our hearts.

In a moment when the world feels askew, our deep ask is that we be righted by the faith that passes to us through the ages. We ask that our vision be clearer when seen through the tempered glass of our tradition, magnifying our resolve and keeping our eyes on the far horizon where the full family of humanity and nature are treated with respect.

In this moment when we must find ways to sustain our own hearts and to move its energy into the small acts that translate our deepest beliefs into witness and action for others who are in danger or afraid, we remember our Universalist ancestors who believed that we could create Heaven on this Earth for all people.

We hold those whose own life story contains pain at the hand of a bully or a tyrant who are struggling to be present to a nation in which bullying and tyranny becomes a form of leadership. We hold each of us who need a place of rest and respite and who seek to celebrate and to laugh and be as sustenance against all of this.

So our prayer, or do you ask into those deep recesses of our knowing resources of our knowing is that we remain faithful, loving, dedicated, holders of a vision of unity and love. May we be the ones to make it so.

Leslie Takahashi
Lead Minister

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