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A Prayer – 12/13/2016

And here is a prayer for this time:

Spirit of life, be with us in this time as we wrestle with what it is to be a human being in this moment in our particular history. Be with us as we think about all the myriad truths in our lives and the different ways we wish to hold them. Allow us to make a space for gratitude even in the moments that seem most dismal and hard. And allow us to make a space for the difficult even in the moments when we want only want to enjoy.

Somehow in this space right now can we remember all the different strengths we have. The ability to love. The ability to discern when we should be afraid. The ability to celebrate. The ability to mourn. The ability to navigate that thin edge that runs between joy and sorrow, between knowing and unknowing, between certainty and uncertainty, between knowledge and feeling. Let us know all of this and let us be all of it as well.

Against the beauty of darkness, the candle glow is bright. Within the green of leaves makes the red holly berries glow. In the face of ignorance, the countenance of knowledge shines more true. Within the void of loneliness, the connection of embrace renews. When tears are rife, a laugh can be the sound of hope. Against despair, joy’s glow is fierce. In times of struggle, the moments of ease are so much more precious. In the face of ignorance, truth is a mightier beacon. In the shadow of hate, the power of love is clear. Against the frame of what is, we see the true power of what can be. Perhaps illumination requires the shadow.

In this season of restoration and fallow, let us watch the dance between inspiration and devastation, hope and disappointment, new life and the ending of illusions. Remind us that we can be a seer of sparks in a world unilluminated; a lover of joy in the face of sorrow; a voice for hope amid despair; community in a world of isolation; a singer of songs amid the tuneless. Remind us to be abundant in this world of scarcity, to still seek truth. In our hearts, the spark of change can kindle and its peace can abide within our own lives.

May we be the ones to make it so.

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