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A letter to the Editor of the Washington Post (Submitted and Unlikely to be Published):

The article “Turmoil Over Diversity Strikes Unitarian Universalists,” suggests that seeking to be diverse when a majority white religious organization is a disconnect. It is and it isn’t. The difficult truths that my chosen faith is wrestling with have come to light as a result of our generations-long struggle to deal with the complexity of systems set up to privilege some and oppress others. That we turn the spotlight on ourselves as well as speaking out in the public square is part of our commitment. And those who stay and engage in the struggle demonstrate a  humility and a resistence that is grounded in aspiration rather than hypocrisy.
In a time of great polarization in our nation, the willingness to look at ourselves and to stay engaged in what is uncomfortable is a sign of health and hope. As a multiracial person who has found my home in Unitarian Universalist for three decades, I know how arduous the path of commitment is and I honor the challenges that come with truth telling and honest accounting.

In the spirit of love and unity,
Rev. Leslie Takahashi
Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church
Walnut Creek, CA
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