Chapel Redwood Grove

Chapel Redwood Grove

Green Sanctuary Logo   MDUUC is a Green Sanctuary.

Green Group Meetings:

First Wednesday of the month, 6:30 pm, in the Redwood Room (off Bortin Hall). Please verify on the Church Calendar.

Topics Under Discussion Recently:

  • Fracking Actions
  • Environmental Classes
  • Water Saving/Gray Water/Rain Barrels
  • Climate Change Flyer
  • Use of Sustainable Recyclables in MDUUC’s Kitchen (napkins, plates, and cups made from sugar cane, corn, and bamboo)
  • Organizing Kitchen Volunteers for Less Waste
  • Supporting ICAN (Interfaith Climate Action Network, local)

 Support Our Group and Be Green:

  • Read Dee Simmon’s Green Group News in the church newsletter, the Beacon.
  • Visit our Green Table during coffee hour between church services.
  • Sign-up for our Green Action Mailing List (emails) at our table.
  • Look at the news and posters on our Bulletin Board (by the Green Table).
  • Drop off your old batteries and CFL bulbs in our recycling bins.
  • Browse through our Green Lending Library in the Fireside Room.
  • Look for our Green Sayings in the Order of Service.


Some Green Group Accomplishments and Activities:

Fruit Trees Fruit Trees On Hill WildLife Habitat Sign
Church's Solar Panels Recycling Bins Green Group Bulletin Board
Ceramic Cups Green Lending Library Cares and Concerns Stones
  •  The Green Group did the funding raising to plant fruit trees below the Sanctuary. (A project done in conjunction with the Urban Farmers to feed the hungry).
  • Helped promote the idea of solar energy and took part in the solar panel planning process.
  • Encouraged the kitchen to use ceramic cups/plates in the kitchen (instead of Styrofoam and plastic).
  • Originated and implemented the plan to plant Oak trees on the hill by the parking lot (to prevent erosion and absorb CO2).
  • Provides recycling bins for old batteries and spent CFLs (in the niche by the hallway entrance to the Sanctuary).
  • Maintains a Green Lending Library in the Fireside Room. To check out a book, please use the blue notebook.
  • Had MDUUC designated as a Wildlife Habitat.
  • Maintains an informational bulletin board and table.
  • Promoted the idea of stones being used (instead of candles) during Cares and Concerns.


  • Collects signatures on postcards and petitions. Past actions include:  water justice, XL pipeline, and truck emissions.
  • Planned and hosted an Earth Day event in 2012 which included:  chickens, solar ovens, and hybrid cars. Arranged another showing of hybrid cars for 2013’s Spring Fling.
  • Sponsors and co-sponsors speakers and videos on environmental topics. Past events include:  Bill McKibben, Shelly Ryan, “Chasing Ice,” and the series, “Living Dangerously.”
  • Has held classes for congregants including Sustainability and Bioregionalism.
  • As the Green Sanctuary Committee (former name), qualified MDUUC as a Green Sanctuary through UUA.

Green Group Mission Statement

Earth is our home. We are part of this world and its destiny is our own. Life on this planet will be gravely affected unless we embrace new practices, ethics, and values to guide our lives on a warming planet.

As Unitarian Universalists, our seventh Principle commits us to affirm and promote “respect for the independent web of all existence of which we are part.”

We at MDUUC are called to join with others to halt practices that fuel global warming/climate change, to implement sustainable alternatives, and to mitigate the impending effects of global warming with just and ethical responses, and to promote our adaptation to current climate change.

Specifically we will:

  1. Promote environmental awareness in church life and encourage church practices that will minimize environmental impact.
  2. Generate commitment to personal lifestyle changes among the congregation.
  3. Motivate congregants to community action on environmental issues.